Will OnlyFans send me mail?

OnlyFans will email you when a new member has subscribed to your profile and how this works, or has liked a message or made a purchase from a private message or liked on your profile timeline, or you are tagged in a post from another member on the website, But all this can be set in settings you may or may not want to receive e-mail about, because when you of course get a lot of likes or many people subscribe to your profile you receive a lot of emails, this can be annoying if you receive more than 100 mails, but this can all be adjusted in the settings of your profile, you will receive emails from customer service about payments that have been made or withdrawals that have been settled to keep you informed of your income or expenses

This word is done in order to keep an overview and the income or expenditure that has been made on your account, On the account itself you can easily see photo in an overview how often it has been viewed and how many tips been done on the photo or video, not if are taking screenshot, This gives a nice overview of which photos are popular and highly appreciated by your fans.

It is also possible to see how often your profile has been visited and how long on average time has been spent on your profile by your fans, what this means and more about this can you read here, Because there is no app that can be downloaded in the Apple Store or the Samsung Play Store, it is therefore nice if you receive e-mails, so that you will be notified exactly when there is activity on your profile.

There would be an app from OnlyFans, it is possible to receive push notifications on phone when there is activity, As long as this is not yet the case, it is nice if you receive an e-mail when there is activity because it is not yet possible to receive push messages at the moment, It is possible to save the webpage of the website to your home screen of your phone, safari offers this possibility to do this, and then looks just like an app on your phone, but without push notifications, which is why a receiving e-mail is pleasant.

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