Will OnlyFans notify screenshots?

Yes, a screenshot can be made of the creators who share their content on OnlyFans, this cannot be prevented.

It is of course the case when people start sharing this on the internet or social media, the creators can sue those for plagiarism and point them to the copyright rights.

When content is shared on social media or on the internet, or your acoount is hackt the person who does this, can be prosecuted if that happen, the best way to do is, get in contact with the customer service from the only fans website and get the best solution.

There are also many sites that say that you can get a lot of fans through their site 'where they supposedly promote you' this happens a lot on instagram but by signing up there you have to give your login details and then you will be hacked easiest way to get fans is to post a link in your social media bio and use apps like Reddit and Telegram to promote your profile.

These rules are generally known to everyone, it is therefore recommended to state this by means of a text in the bio of your profile, this can easily be done in the following way, see an example here:

Legal Note:
ALL content published on OnlyFans is exclusive copyrighted material belonging to: name of creator
Subscribers may not distribute or publish any content from my profile, violation of this will result in legal action.

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