Why is OnlyFans wrong?

OnlyFans IS a social media platform where people can charge money for their content and everyone should do where they feel good about it, that working on a erotic website is everyone's free choice, everyone is free to CHARGE and what is to be paid for the photos or videos that are shared.

The site makes it possible for women to earn money easily, thats the better part but you should always keep in mind that when photos and videos are shared through an application or the website, who USES OnlyFans is very different from the girl next door, to famous instagram infleuensers.

It is also online and that it can pose a danger to your future for possibly your future work or employer.

When people share photos or videos without this in consultation with the model, this can of course be punishable if permission has not been asked.

Because these are clear agreements and the constitution as a model you can always prosecute people who share or publish your photos without being asked.