Why OnlyFans is good

Creates opportunities for models on OnlyFans to good earn a nice penny and to build a career and a large fan base what is easy to set up a monthly salary It creates opportunities for creators and models to sell photos and videos and generate income and actually be their own boss, and it offers many opportunities for emerging new models, but it is also widely used by well known artists and movie stars who share spicy photos and videos on this platform have you ever heard of the website? Yesterday, a new peak was reached with the name: Bella Thorne, actress with 23 million followers on Instagram. That revenue is split with the creators taking 80 per cent and OnlyFans the remaining 20, In 2020, UK-based company reported sales of over €1.7 billion euro the platform now boasts more than 130 million users and some 2 million content creators. Almost 500,000 new users join the platform every day. Paid social media has never been a great success, but OnlyFans opens the door in that direction yet again, and paid every week or month depends on what the maker himself has indicated. Just like it was immediately made clear that there would be no nakedness to be seen still things went very fast with the followers many thousands followers signed up for 20 dollar a month which ensured that Bella Thorne raised 1million dollar in less than 24 hours, To the large number of visitors of the website even crashed for a moment the success of this platform shows that increasing numbers of followers are willing to pay for exclusive content from their favorite celebrities or creators.

The platform exploded in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as many sex workers moved onto the site to continue working, the vast majority of creators make adult content which their subscribers pay anything between €4 and 40 euro a month to access. So it's well worth it for some people, but it doesn't always have to be that way more and more celebrities are now discovering that they can earn money with exclusive content. For example, she decided to create an account at the beginning of September she explicitly stated that she would not be sharing nudity, just a look into her personal life because everyone is always so curious about what she's doing it good.

On this subscription based platform influencers give their followers an exclusive insight into their personal life for a monthly fee screenshots can be made and that makes it difficult to be exclusive again unfortunately there is not the screenshot function that Snapchat does have in most cases that peak means that followers access pornographic content influencers can therefore turn their body into a source of income.

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