Who uses OnlyFans and what they earn?

Models can share photos anonymously on OnlyFans and privately in this way for a fee that is paid per photo or video or a monthly subscription, this determines the creator himself, how much this amount is, Some of the world’s biggest celebrities are selling their nudes direct to fans online, Well, it’s true, and the last one is big business, with the website raking in millions of dollars every month from thirsty consumers looking to get their hands on saucy pictures.

When this platform was created, there were very soon models that making a lot of money with OnlyFans such as Bella Thorne well-known Instagram model with more than 24 million followers is very popular on the website and even managed to earn more than $1 million dollar within 24 hours.

Other well known social media influencers can also be found on this popular online platform, but you also see normal photo models that easily make money earning through this platform it is basically for everyone easy to buy or create private content for their fans and is by this reason at this moment the fastest growing online social media platform of the 20th century, some people think this is wrong others don't ! Opinions are divided on this, but there most be a reason the app is growing so fast.

The website is actually a new version of Snapchat, only here can be an amount of money easily be linked to the photo or video that is made by the creator for their fans, So to the question, who uses it? Anyone who is interested in selling content online and building a fan base for themselves, the further payment methods can be read on this page about the payment methods.

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