When was OnlyFans platform start

This popular social media platform ensures that the content cannot be shared if it has not been paid for, users can also be banned if caught taking screenshot or recording the screen platform said in a statement, We take content piracy very seriously and have a designated DMCA team to issue formal takedown notices against all reported copyright violations, In April 2020, published a documentary and found out that on a single day third of profiles globally advertising nudes 4 sale or similar appeared to belong to on various platforms, and many of those used OnlyFans to share their content. OnlyFans was started in 2015 as a website for social media models and performers to allow their followers to subscribe their account for an amount of fee, to see their private pictures and videos, Late May 2017, introduced an AdGuard into the account verification process so that a creator now has to provide a headshot photo of their ID in the image in order to prove that the ID provided belongs to the account holder, Because much of content on the platform is adult in nature, creators must be 18 or older and require an officially approved government-issued ID, passport, or driver's license, and proof of address to create an account.

As of May 2020 the site has 24 million claims to have paid out $725 million to its 450,000 creators, Bella Thorne well-known Instagram model with more than 24 million followers is very popular and even managed to earn one million dollar within 24 hours, But other well known social media influencers can also be found here, but you also see normal photo models that easily make money earning through this platform it is basically for everyone it is easy to buy or create private content for your fans at this moment the fastest growing social media platform of the 20th century, She has set a record by earning one million dollar on subscription based social media platform, celebrity Bella Thorne made an admittedly brief appearance on the platform in August 2020, reputedly earning $1 million on her first day, this website, is not just a porn site, you will find many people earning money on the platform in other ways as well. The main reason you hear so much about website porn is that the platform doesn't have the same content rules as most other social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Within the first 24 hours after creating her account on the platform, with more than 24 million followers on her Instagram is very popular on this platform and even managed to earn 1 million dollar within 24 hours, make money on the platform, you need to add your payment information, verify your account and set a subscription price, to set your subscription price, go to the menu, select your profile, click the edit profile button and search for subscription price, Once you've done all of this, you can start creating content and attach a price to it to unlock.

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