Lovense Sex Toys Interactive and Connected With App

Lovense ambi

The most versatile bullet vibrator EVER

€ 69.00

Lovense lush 3

The most powerful bluetooth remote Control vibrator

€ 109.00

Lovense Osci 2

 The world’s first oscillating sex toy

€ 99.00​

Lovense Max 2

The best wireless male masturbator

€ 99.00​​​

Lovense Nora

The original bluetooth rabbit vibrator

€ 99.00

Lovense Hush

The most powerful vibrating butt plug

€ 99.00​​​

Lovense Domi 2

super powerful and long lasting

€ 99.00

Lovense Edge

The worlds first adjustable massager

€ 99.00

Lovense water based

lubricant (100 ml)

€ 14.00

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Interactive sex toys from Lovense

The leading teledildonics sex toys company Lovense with sex toys for men and women! all toys are ideal for long distance relationships you can connect the lovense sex toys with each other with  an app that can be downloaded on the apple store and android store you are always close together and you can meet each other's wishes the sex toys prices are the same everywhere on the internet because they guarantee high quality with good customer service and good guarantees the battery lasts a long time has high quality and works on the sound in the environment and are just the Apple among the sex toys.

Lovense sex toys are simply the best on the market when you have long distance relationship you can link the sex toys to an app that you can be controle by the person who linked the app to the sex toy or the person who uses the sex toy.

Partners meet each other's needs and experiment the quality of the products these are high with good customer service and good guarantees.

The prices are the same everywhere on the internet so that the price quality ratio is just right.

Airpumps and vibration of the Max 2 penis mastrubator can be controlled by the moving speed and vibration speed, the Lovense Nora have a rotating motion and vibration option the Nora can be controlled by speed and by app.

The Lovense Nora is a rabbit vibrator which is quite popular and has many fans the Max is an automatic penis masturbator which uses air pumps to stimulate the penis the perfect gift for long distance relationships!

With these interactive Lovense toys couples can have sex on a long distance when you connect your toys this allowing couples to connect and play with each other no matter how far apart you are from each other.

These toys are great on their own but where they really shine when their are connected with the Lovense app they connect via Bluetooth or Wifi and can than can be controlled by app.