Earlier in an interview, Told Rubi Rose OnlyFans Top 5 creator

How and what it takes to compile this, better be the best only fans you can ever have like honestly I promise you I'm doing this for y'although, but I swear to god like look at me in my eye, look at me when I'm talking to you look what did you look at me like that for like but let's get into it, I'm going to go ahead and pay this little dollar I said a little fifty dollars that is a little about this all right, so we are now it says Rubi Rose yeah I see it right here I think it has the check mark for verification I'm not sure how this only fan stuff work, I'm not a sim. And it says full assets to this user's content check mark direct messages, so I get the direct message here I can cancel the subscription, and I'm over 18. So let's subscribe to it, let's get if it's loading, you got 1.6k likes that don't they don't seem pretty good, I'm not sure how the like ratio work. Told she earlier on in an interview.

But she have more than 1.71K likes on her photo on Instagram.

So I hope, let's read the comments on OnlyFans just all like I don't want to read it out loud, like I'm going to try to let you all read it. If this video gets green if it's uh blurry that because it got yellow already, but this is honestly bad at all it's definitely not 5 words so far I'm ready this is zero out of ten it says re up my favorite. So she's trying to promote her hair oil this girl is a fitness queen and Top 5 creator, hey guys just want to say thank you for all the support me get back to you all stay tuned wow this is honestly nothing I got in so fit I let him eat her from the back of it's honestly not like so far don't buy her it still is. Let's see if it started getting turn up are you serious this girl is honestly finessing like let's watch this it's I mean it's definitely fit I'm a big screening for you all damn that's it okay she's literally finessing nothing Rubi Rose come on this is all you got for us for fifty dollars. Ashley Tervort online personality I would definitely like to be on the other end of this phone.

And it's only fans I have never done this why are you doing this to me come on I'm trying to see that booty it's steadier than on what is going on hold on gotta call the bank I'll be right back good morning credit union this um I'm calling to make enough to accept the payment through my account on OnlyFans to subscribe Megan Barton Hanson is that you yeah that's me okay one moment it's so freaking embarrassing like you going to say it out loud and watch all like all day workers probably looking like this is.

I got your card opened back up, so you're good to go all right thank you I appreciate it you're welcome this is so over embarrassing like I know it's what are you steady trying to say it for like shut up I had to slap you like so let's try this one more time okay haha and let's see how this thank you yes activated let's get it okay 50 dollars I need you all to watch all these ads it's pretty expensive. I don't know how this work. But let's see it okay Rubi Rose I mean that's this definitely like something. I can just see like she's definitely is popular right now. Such us Amber Rose profile.

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