OnlyFans payment methods?

OnlyFans is currently not accepting payments from PayPal, at the moment.

The only way for creators in the US to withdraw funds to a bank account, the website has introduced direct fransfer ''OCT' to creators across a range of countries which will lower the minimum withdrawal limit right down to $20.

Direct transfer ''OCT'' payments utilities the push payment capabilities of VISA direct and are processed by securion pay, a ''PCI'' level 1 compliant company.

At this time you can only use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and discover credit or debit cards for subscribing, you will have to confirm your purchase with an additional temporary verification code or sms code.

Cash out options for non U.S. countries, a premium social network  'platform' has announced additional withdraw options for OnlyFans content creators around the globe.

As of today, the only fans website has implemented quicker direct bank transfers, as well as international transfer and Ewallet payment methods, transfers are faster than conventional bank wires, with a typical processing time of under 24 hours.

Prepaid cards, gift cards, PayPal and other payment methods are not supported at this time.

Creators from other countries, payment methods available :

            Minimum withdrawal        Trans time

1. direct oct                   $ 20         1-3 days

2. international swift     $ 500       3-5 days

3. paxum wallet             $ 100

4. epayments wallet      $ 10

There is no app in app store as this app contains adult content and it clearly violates Apple's guidelines, instead use aloha app it's save the videos or you can login from web browser like Chrome or author browser, not allows iOS users to download and store files in the cloud so you can't find the app on Safari for iPhone.

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Read here more about, when you have creat an account, of this can have affects your carreer, and of this all worth it.