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Nora powerful mastrubator

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The Lovense team has been developing high-tech vibrators since 2018

The third generation of our toys that used the previous wireless design but utilized Bluetooth technology. It was first introduced in 2018. Using the well known rabbit design and utilizing an app to connect and control it, we were able to create one of the first remote control vibrators that worked with smartphones, connect to a Bluetooth enabled device and you will see a control panel in our smartphone app or PC, Mac software or OnlyFans website. Total set up time for all devices is just a few minutes! After you connect once, your device will automatically remember it. Of course, you can also control the toy using the buttons on the handle, best toy on the market.

The small arm, is flexible, slightly curved and, happily, sits right on your clitoris, though it’s still wide enough that its vibrations pulsate all around that area. The longer arm is tipped with a rotating head that brushes perfectly against the G-spot as it turns. If vibrations are all you’ve ever needed to orgasm, you might not think you require this function but trust us, once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to masturbate without it. 

Rotating head easily stimulate your G-spot optimized shape designed to gently stimulate the right places during thrusting vibrating arm flexible arm accommodates multiple body types smartphone control makes solo play, foreplay and long distance play easier, such as connect OnlyFans website. The result of years of development and is designed to live up to your sex needs and expectations. The hardware and software has been continually perfected to live up to meet your needs revolutionized rabbit vibrators, smartphone control makes solo play, foreplay or long-distance play easier.

Materials body safe silicone

Weight 380 gr

Battery rechargeable

USB Lovense

Waterproof splash proof

OnlyFans connect

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