Melissa Gutierrez OnlyFans Popular influencer?

Source photo Insta: melisagutierrez7

Melissa Gutiérrez OnlyFans has more than 600 thousand followers on Instagram, her social network,

That she uses to make comedy content and publish other video's and photographs of her day-to-day life.

She makes her account for fans only, and shes have to say that shes enjoy it quite a bit, and it gives me a nice montly income, her frank explanation in any case is highly admired.

Assured during the nationwide protests of the national strike. that her project would increase taxes, she would expire her account, and make her account free.

The followers of her fans only, however, felt cheated because she did not post any daring photos, as everyone expected, but funny videos and images with which she feeds her account daily, was disappointing.

As a result, many fans only subscribers of her social networks turned to other creators on this platform, to enjoy themselves with the exciting content of other well-known influencers, such as famous Chinese personality Gatita Yan.

With a banner in hand and during the demonstrations against the bill proposed by the government to close the fiscal gap, this woman stood out for creative protest.

Melissa Gutiérrez OnlyFans is admired for her beauty on her social networks, and she doesn't share pornography or explicit photos at this point.

In addition, she has managed to attract the attention of well-known personalities such as rapper Cardi B, and famous whether woman Yanet Garcia who are part of more than 5,000,000 million followers on social media.

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