Malu Trevejo OnlyFans ® account the singer earns a lot of money

The internet is therefore stunned that she created an OnlyFans account to earns some money, one day after her eighteenth birthday, Malu Trevejo OnlyFans you can see a sneak preview of her posts on her account. This dancing star was born on October 15, 2002, in Cuba. The popular platform already has several successful models and influencers, such as Sonja Morgan, who make full use of the popular social media app. Creators sell personalized and interactive content on the platform for additional fees. Some creators have built a tip menu that details the content and interactions they're offering and how much each costs. Platform takes 20% of the earnings, Even though subscription-based models are more common and popular on the website. Gym models offer subscriptions price between $10 - $25 dollar, also game streaming shows, can be found on platform the popularity is growing every day for many online businesses, creators earning money on the website, an earning forecast really depends on the quality and quantity of the content models are upload. The more they post, the more incentive there is for fans to subscribe and remain subscribed to model's profile, most performers made over $100,000 lasts year off videos

Being one of the most popular singers online since 2018. Yet the popular singer only turned 18 last weekend.

Swae Lee, who is best known for his song ft Post Malone from the Marvel movie, recently sparked dating rumors with the hot singer-songwriter Malu Trevejo when the latter posted their picture on her Instagram stories a few days ago, The duo looked cozy in the picture made in a pool, The intimate snap also fueled romance rumors between the two. Now, a new picture shared by Swae Lee on his official Instagram account and again got people talking about it, but it's looks like Trevejo was not having any of it. She soon squashed all the rumors with her Instagram stories, more and more famous models and celebrities are creating an account on the popular platform. Such as model, Natalia Mogollon better know as Alinity claims earning a lot of money since start with her account, currently, the age of the star is 18 years old.

Her mother is from Cuba and her father from Spain, she moved to Madrid, Spain. She lived there for 12 years and is fluent in Spanish. She currently lives in Florida, America. However, she did not go to her high school, but is pursuing an online education, Malu Trevejo released her first debut single at the age of 15, which after a week already gained more than 22 million views on YouTube. Since then, the South American singer has gained more than 8 million fans, and that number continues to increase by the day. To the surprise of some of her fans, she immediately created an account after her birthday, The platform is mainly used by artists and influencers such as Farrah Abraham to share 18+ content. Many fans reacted shocked to her new account. Online, many people indicate that you should only be able to create an account from the age of 21.

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