Lovense Diamo men cock ring and Bluetooth control

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Cock ring dual pleasure men toy, Lovense Diamo

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Multiple wearing positions the wearing possibilities

Outdoor public play makes it a great toy, also for solo play and foreplay couple’s sex. Your partner will feel the vibrations too! Comfortable and quiet allowing you to go about your day and enjoy strong vibrations that target the perineum, your biggest challenge will be to controlling your reactions. The Lovense Diamo is a portable vibrating cock ring designer to extend pleasure and enhance sexual performance, high-tech Bluetooth cock ring that comes with free control app allows playing with your OnlyFans, fans anywhere in the world this makes it possible to have more orgasms, better intimacy and stronger sensations.

Diamo is a programmable remote control cock ring which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels our app allows you to choose the power level which matches your needs, program 3 Steady levels up to 10 patterns vibrating cock ring for any scenario or location. Programmable feature, customize your vibration strengths to your liking and save them to the buttons for later use, also program up to 10 favorite patterns! Steady connectivity, the newest generation antenna and Bluetooth chip for long-distance play lovers. You need to install the mobile application on your smartphone installation instructions are in the package with the product and synchronize it with the mobile device and your toy, with mobile app you can control your sex toy and adjust vibration patterns it also works with music mode.

You can also set the sound activation and adjust the vibration intensity to suit your individual preferences designed to give you a new experience and freedom to play with yourself or partner anywhere in the world, the mobile app, it's free to download and allows you to adjust the strength and nature of the vibration to suit your specific taste as well as your partner's taste as the relationship develops over a distance, residual vibrations felt in the ring to intensify both parties sensations ring the highest sound 46 DB extended wear which harder and longer erections with long orgasms enhanced experience with use intensify taking solo play to the next level stays perfect in place.

Allowing you to have a hands-free experience while exploring yourself and leading to deep whole bod sensations absolutely love everything about it so far. From the bendable way you can adjust it to the magnetic charger in the sleek design, custom fit and power adjust the neck and customize the fit as you want it ensuring good contact with both the clitoris and G-Spot at the same time dual stimulation may help you to achieve intense simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasms.

What’s included:

Improved sexual stamina

USB charging cable

OnlyFans connect

User manual vibrating levels

Quick setup guide, storage bag

Remote controlled

iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod iOS 10.0

Android 4.3 and later 4.0

MacBook Air and Pro

Connect fans on OnlyFans

Bluetooth adapter

Harder erection

Prolonged erection

Powerful strong multi orgasms

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