Lovense Ambi powerful vibrator

Lovense Ambi

Hammer shape clit toy

€ 64

The powerful vibrations and the perfect hammer shape fit of the Lovense Ambi

Helps you and your partner share the responsibility for ultimate pleasure during sex. The Bullet vibrator has a special design that makes it possible to use the sex toy in different ways, the hammer shaped tip can give a pinpoint stimulation with a pointed tip, the wide end gives a more distributed and deeper stimulation. Ambi has 10 vibration modes that you can control in the app. It is therefore also possible to let your partner operate the toy. The app lets the user program ten customized patterns and a few levels of vibration. Using the toy’s button, you can pre-program each wave as per your vagina’s tastes! Because already possess a Lush and Hush. Two toys can be connected at once. This is by far the most exceptional feature these toys could offer. Now enjoy Hush while having fun with my partner! Can also use the two toys in conjunction with partner’s tongue. You will enjoy the possibility for your partner to control your toy and pleasure you, wherever your lover is located in the world.

4x Powerful than all other vibrators

Our app allows you to choose which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels a power level, which matches your individual needs, fully programmable which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs in most positions and connect OnlyFans it is incredibly hard to keep a bullet in the right spot you have to twist your hand and makes that difficult curves complement yours and help you keep in the right spot never miss the big o again! It is designed pinpoint your pleasure zones perfectly. Use the blunt end to send sensations down your clit to your legs or use pointy end to focus. Programmable clitoral vibrator is equipped with powerful motor that provides you with very strong rumble vibration and vibrations are therefore deep and absolutely not superficial despite this power to be completely silent. Optimized design makes it pleasant to hold whether you're enjoying alone or with a partner, the vibrator has a premium silicone coating, making it wonderfully soft on the skin.

Waterproof and completely body safe with the included USB charger. Charged in no time, and you are ready for optimal enjoyment in addition programming vibrations and vibration patterns yourself. You also have access to unlimited patterns that you can easily download via the app. Do you love a pattern you made yourself and want to share it. Then you upload it to the app, after which others can download it via the app. Also reacts to sound and music, at the slightest sound, after turning this function on, will vibrate in response. You can suddenly make a night out very naughty, but this function is also ideal for webcam sex 05-06-2021.

What's included:

OnlyFans connect
Super pinpoint stimulation
Unique curves complement yours!
Versatile during solo play and during sex
Comfortable to hold in multiple positions!
92.8% respondents said it is strong
96.1% would recommend toy to a friend!
Bluetooth vibrator
Charging cable
User guide Lovense Ambi

Ferri and Hush and Quake toys connect OnlyFans.

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