Lovense Osci 2 G-spot vibrator

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Strong Bluetooth vibrator

€ 99

    Vibrating like no other traditional sex toys

    The Lovense Osci has a patented oscillating feature that moves the vibrations in and pleasuring your G-Spot in ways you’ve never canned imagined Bluetooth connected. The round head also delivers unique and powerful stimulation. Lovense Osci model 2 is a part of our programmables line. Allows users to reset their toy’s button cycle with 3 personalized vibration levels and up to 8 patterns using the app can be downloaded. In the App Store combination of our patented oscillating mechanism and perfectly shaped oval head enables pinpoint G-Spot stimulation precisely curved to fit your body perfect button position for solo play or use with a play partner or a OnlyFans fans. Finally released model 2.0. An improved shape angle and longer battery life are just a few of the tune ups that brings to your bedroom.

    As always, we focus improving the most essential aspect of the connectivity using a new generation microchip also we improved the charging method by using a more convenient magnetic charger because it's important to our customers. We improved the integrity of the new design by ensuring that the delivers a stronger powerful sensation OnlyFans connected. In addition the plug in vibrator can be drawn in different ways to maximize your enjoyment in the bedroom. Programmable feature customize your vibration strengths to your liking and save them to the buttons for later use also program up to 8 favorite patterns.

    The most outstanding feature its unique G-spot mode of vibration unlike the usual vibrations you've grown accustomed to in other vibrators. The new motor in this toy oscillates up and down this mechanism is new thus the patent is still pending has embraced teledildonics with the device ability to control a device over a long distance. Now two people in a long distance relationship don't have to watch their relationship fizzle away due to a lack of physical intimacy using the app you can now control a device from many miles away as long as you have a good internet connectivity. After extensive research and development we offering this exclusive toy at a special price as a thank you for your constant support.

    Limited quantity is available and if you want to be one of the first people to get your hands on a very powerful G point controlled vibrator app It is completely waterproof and vibrates continuously for 8 hours with a battery life of up to 12 hours. There are unlimited vibration patterns for you to enjoy plus it has an adjustable depth sensor function which means the deeper you insert the stronger the vibration will be the app its free to download and allows you to adjust the strength and nature of the vibration to suit your specific taste as well as your partner's taste as the relationship develops over a distance.

    What’s included

    Bluetooth G-Spot vibrator

    Charging cable

    User guide

    OnlyFans connected

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