Lovense Osci 2 G-spot vibrator

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G-spot Osci vibrator

€ 99

What’s included:

  • Bluetooth G-Spot Vibrator
  • Charging Cable
  • User Guide
  • OnlyFans app

Instead of vibrating like other traditional sextoys the sex toys has a patented oscillating feature

That moves the vibrations in and pleasuring your G-Spot in ways you’ve never can imagined. bluetooth connect, The round head also delivers unique and powerful stimulation, model 2 is a part of our programmables line, which allows users to reset their toy’s button cycle with 3 personalized vibration levels and up to 8 patterns using the app, can be download in the appstore combination of our patented oscillating mechanism and perfectly shaped oval head enables pinpoint G-Spot stimulation precisely curved to fit YOUR body perfect button position for solo play or use with a play partner or a OnlyFans fans.

Finally released model 2.0, An improved shape angle and longer battery life are just few of the tune ups that brings to your bedroom! As always, we focus on improving the most essential aspect of the connectivity using a new generation bluetooth micro chip also we improved the charging method by using a more convenient magnetic charger because it's important to our customers, we improved the integrity of the new design by ensuring that the delivers a stronger powerful sensation OnlyFans connected.

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