Kerry Katona Proud to have a OnlyFans account

Many people search for Kerry Katona profile on the Internet

Real Housewives star Tessa Hartmann last week, on whether it was right to sell photos or not, “I would never dream of going on TV show Good Morning Britain and start talking about my OnlyFans, so I’m really grateful to her. Millions of people watch the show, so she’s given me a massive platform to promote it to all those men who didn’t know I had an account!" The row soon gathered the attention of social media, with one clip of the debate shared receiving 7,000 likes on Twitter - and those numbers have also reflected on her website.

Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona told Closer magazine earlier this year that her daughter often takes classy shots of her in sexy hot swimwear or lingerie to post on the adult pay-to-view site, She said early: "My kids know I do it, and one of my daughters even takes some pictures of me for my profile I like to be open about it and don't have a problem about that, She's announcement split opinion in the comments section, with a number of comments criticizing her decision to apparently post explicit pictures on OnlyFans.

In MTV Cribs style, She shows viewers and fans her new house video posted to YouTube, welcomed viewers through the front door to her account and toured her entire home, she's had a hard time and is proud of what she has achieved all, and is very grateful to all her fans and followers for that, the video can be found on her profile.

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