Corinna Kopf OnlyFans model $1 Million Dollars within 1 day

Source: Instagram

Corinna Kopf OnlyFans model made record one million dollars in a day what was the picture like, what was the content that made you a million dollars in 24 hours it was mostly subscriptions new people signing up I mean most people when they certainly fan they don't like to show much out the gate and was just like it what'd you show like I've shown my tits and stuff sent you a picture like hey do you want to see my picture and pay support $4.95 sent to me for free understand why people pay because get dick pics all the time, and I'm like what do you want yeah, but you didn't watch that's what you say yeah you should say this is nice to just keep saying nice yeah okay and by the way if you did that on your OnlyFans like people do send me their days and if you responded saying nice guy some likes to hear it don't want to like cause then what if they watch the episode of course they're going to watch they're gonna. They're anonymous to don't also say they're first and last night, no don't them there's certain people that have sent certain things.

So if say what they've said they're going know love i just what's like know what to say no it's okay don't even know how to explain some stuff the credit card in the mouth one definitely yeah now that one was honestly wasn't mad at it but why rather get that don't really do anything custom doesn't really make sense okay for the money mean good such us Lauren Goodger helps to promote NEW model creators getting started.

What was it that held you up from doing it and what was your experience like so far would you recommend

I've pulled way back from recommending anything to anyone but like would you recommend the experience, how have you liked doing it so far and what do you what do you think about it. Mean I've loved it, think it really benefited me holding off on it because it created that hype and the reason why held off on it was because didn't really know what that would look like with gaming. And don't know don't really want to don't know how much or how much want to get in how much can or how much want to get into it, but gaming is basically what held me back but think it helped me because there was like this hype that was created after the announcement of Kerry Katona profile.

You were on a roll there now just like it doesn't really make sense because you're like oh why don't you do custom things, but it doesn't really make sense for me to do anything custom because the grand scheme of things can send out like mass DM and make a lot more money than could if just like its hard mean there's don't think it matters but only thought people would subscribe Corinna Kopf like that's what's in my head wanted to underestimate and over deliver didn't want to you know yeah and there's like 60 something and a thousand people that subscribed, so I'm like don't even know how to navigate that and want it to be authentic and not trying to like on anybody but a lot of people do these agencies where they have people respond for them but don't want to do that want to be like me being like authentic and responding, so I'll go through like every night and like respond to these people can't get through everything like how do you get through all that are the people who buy these photos are they pervert no why not mean sure there's some people that are a little perverted but most people are just like a lot of people like I'll see messages like I've followed you for four years and wanted to get to know you better see no they're just like I've always wanted to see your tits some people even like did reference from the flogs where like showed the guys my boobs, and they were like no feel like I'm part of the boob squad thought you're your own like flog squad yeah you waited a bit to do this you knew you had the capability to set up to do it such us porn star Zoe Bloom.

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