Can OnlyFans see their subscribers?

It can be indicated on the profile of the maker whether everyone can see the number of followers or subscribers, but you can also choose to block this, whether this is a BAD IDEA, the creator decides himself, creators can post themselves doing any number of things that wouldn’t fly on other social media sites, but it wasn’t created solely for that purpose. In fact, there are creators on the site that don’t offer adult material artists, fitness instructors, chefs, and others who want to use the site to monetize their content, Yes, once a subscriber follows your OnlyFans page, the creator will be notified that you have subscribed or started following them and can view your profile from here.

This is of course easy because one on one contact can arise when the creator reads this message immediately, this makes it extra easy to make contact with each other, and message each other this way, This can easily be done by send each other private messages, the creators can also send their followers a message at once and this does not have to be done one by one, It is BASED out of sex workers but also hosts content creators from other genres such as fitness experts, musicians and other creators who post regularly on the online platform.

The choice is up to the creators themselves, some creators want to keep this private, see WHEN OnlyFans does pay and more info about it read here, calculation can be made about this and who the creator is set on private mode.

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