Naked Blac Chyna OnlyFans one of the top earners and makes millions!

source photo:  OKmagazine

The much discussed social media platform OnlyFans continues to grow,

This is the new paying social media channel about which the beautiful film actress Belle Delphine told on television that she earns between 20,000 and 30,000 Dollars a month by doing doubly spicy things, Not badly earned, but peanuts compared to the real top earners on the platform and world stars who also like to get their share here, How about Malu Trevejo and The American model and rapper, better known as Cardi B, would raise no less than about 15,418,259 Euros, converted almost 16 million Euros, by literally and figuratively exposing herself to her fans, Blac Chyna one of the top earners on the platform claims making $200 million Dollar per year on the platform, What is she net worth in 01-07-2021? Joining the website in July, the site has quickly become Blac Chyna’s biggest money machine, Fans pay $20 per month for the exclusive hot pictures she posts, and you’ll notice that Blac’s Instagram page is a lot less racy these days. At a rate of $17 million per month, the star is net worth $204 million Dollars and bigger by July 2022, without even considering her other business interests, and model work,

To put that amount in perspective, Alinity, a much bigger star in terms of traditional media and entertainment.

Farrah Abraham is the site’s NR.3 best earner. But at $8 million Dollars per month, which is still an incredible amount of money! She’s earning less than half of Blac’s total, is reportedly OnlyFans NR.2 best earner, her monthly earnings, however, weren’t disclosed in the report.

In comparison to help you understand how much money we’re talking about. Also, Sonja Morgan can be found here.

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