Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans leaked made Record 6 hours $1 million dollar!

The platform allows fans to pay creators for privately leaked photos and videos on Friday. The OnlyFans management, confirmed that she did pass the $1 million dollar in her first 6 hours on the platform. On Instagram a fan base of 17 million followers, Bhad Bhabie Reddit quickly realized she made count on her massive following creating only fans account, that they would sponsor her She proved that was a smart move. She has just ranked in over $1 million dollar in 6 hours and there’s no sign of stopping her big success.

This insane amount of money in such a short time frame sets her way above the rest and demonstrates the true power of social media advertising and how the influencers are able to monopolize on the market and earn large numbers of money, that's a lot of money for a young girl making this online in short period of time. Wednesday Bhad Bhabie Reddit best known for her viral video Catch me Outside posted a screenshot on her account. She earned over $1,3 million within her first few hours with her new account.

Broke the record by making just over $1 Million dollar in less than 6 hours

The 18 years old rapper is charging $23.99 dollar for her monthly subscription and access to her private account, where her followers have the ability to direct message her about three quarters of her earnings came from new subscribers, while $5,502.35 dollar came from tips and another $267,675 dollar by payments for PPV (pay per view) for a fee that is paid for a picture or video or a monthly subscription.

The app is actually a new version of Snapchat, Many other celebs and Instagram influencers have launched an account include Belle Delphine, Bella Thorne, Blac Chyna, Trey Songz, Amber Rose and Tana Mongeau, Creators receive 80% of the revenue on their earnings including subscriptions, paid messages and tips. Currently, the maximum single tip amount is $100 for new users and $200 for users who have been on the platform for more than four months Users may spend up to $500 dollar every day on only fan's website while those who have been on the website for a long time in good standing have a higher limit.

According to the website 02-15-2021 FAQ, as she became

The youngest female rapper ever to hit the Billboard Hot 100 charts with her debut single these the artist who is signed with Atlantic records also was the youngest artist in the last decade to go platinum with her 2018 hit Gucci Flip Flops ft. Lil Yachty. Her 2016 single also has been certified with platinum. OnlyFans documentary Videoland has released their numbers and on the end of 2020 they suggest that almost every week more than 100,000 new creators are making a profile, and not without success on average everyone earns 3k every month. If we most trust the sources.

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