Amanda Cerny started an OnlyFans account


Model and Vlogger Amanda Cerny Asks The Internet: If she Should Make An OnlyFans account?

The website hosts paywalled photos and videos from all manner of enterprising celebrities, influencers and super models can be found here, such as Melissa Gutierrez Popular influencer, But model, vlogger and fitness influencer Amanda Cerny may be the first to let her massive social media fan base decide whether she becomes a creator on the subscription-based content website.She is an Influencer with more than 25 million followers on Instagram, she did a nude Playboy photo shoot and recently started her account where she posts adult and sexy content. Shes not only extended her support to the farmer protests but also contributed to focusing international attention on the protests. In her Instagram post, liked more than seven lakh times, she said one “does not have to be Indian, or South Asian to understand the issue, also the famous Chinese personality Gatita Yan understand the issue. All one has to do is care about humanity, thereafter, she was subjected to social media trolling, along with the other female celebrities, whether woman Yanet Garcia who have been vocal about the farmer protests in India. In one tweet, sarcastically, said her 18-year-old niece had drafted an agreement under which she would get $100 to “create, produce and publish an endless amount of tweets (sic) supporting the need for basic human rights”.

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