Lovense Mission extreme powerful vibrator!

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Mission vibrator

Bluetooth remote controlled by app

€ 69

What’s included:

* Depth Controlled G-Spot Vibrator
* Charging Cable
* User Manual
* Quick Setup Guide
* Storage Bag

  • 2-Way interactive
  • Long distance sex feature    
  • Stable connection    
  • Easy to use remotely    
  • Adjustable levels    
  • Depth controlled    
  • OnlyFans interactive

Thanks to the functionality and controls of the app, not only perfect for masturbation but also brings a lot of fun for couples, and perfect use with OnlyFans website, It is recommended to clean your toy with running water before use, you need to install the application on your smartphone (installation instructions are in the package with the product) and synchronize it with the mobile device and your toy. With the app you can control your sex toy and adjust vibration patterns it also works with music mode and OnlyFans website, you can also set the sound activation and adjust the vibration intensity to suit your individual preferences.

After extensive development and research, we offering this sex toy for a special price as a thank you for your constant support! Limited quantity is available, and if you want to be one of the first people to get your hands on the new Lovense toy, Lovense Mission is a very powerful G point controlled vibrator app. It is completely waterproof and vibrates continuously for 8- hours with a battery life of up to 8 hours. There are unlimited vibration patterns for you to enjoy. Plus, it has an adjustable depth sensor function, which means the deeper you insert the sex toy, the stronger the vibration will is. Perfectly curved & silky smooth size, curve, and softness will ensure intense sessions and explosive orgasms while stimulating your G-Spot, designed to give you a new experience and freedom to play with your partner anywhere in the world. The app its free to download and allows you to adjust the strength and nature of the vibration to suit your specific taste, as well as your partner's taste as the relationship develops over a distance.

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