Lovense water based lubricant

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Lubricant based on water (100ml)

€ 14

An essential, silky smooth addition to any activity!

Easy to use does not stick, what is easily washable is based on a water base. This lubricant is really perfect with the toys from Lovense, very little is needed, and long term use can also be used in intercourse. Water based, known as the versatile, water based lubricants can be used in almost any activity possible, even with silicone sex toys. Add that water based are also very safe to use with condoms for both latex and non latex. And then they can also reduce the risk of condom breakage. Whether it's sex toy, anal, or vaginal play, Lovense Water Based, is designed for pleasure and comfort without being sticky or tacky, It's also condom friendly and can be used during a sensual massage. The best ingredients were used to create a hypoallergenic product, no glycerine (which might lead to bacterial growth and yeast infections) and no parabens (hormone interference and cancer risks) were used in the formula!

New models: Lush, Max and Domi

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