Lovense Domi vibrator

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Most powerful vibrator Domi 2

€ 99

What’s included:

Bluetooth wand

Charging cable

User guide

Customize Close Range Bluetooth Control

Long Distance OnlyFans App Control

Unlimited Patterns

Very exciting release for us! It has multiple advancements, starting with a revised design that makes the toy more comfortable to hold, and our team made sure to update the antenna as well as use generation Bluetooth chip that significantly improves connectivity finally, the most exciting improvement is a bigger battery that extends the wand’s battery life by almost three times! Can YOU handle it?

A Magic Wand to Release the Pressure, The Lovense Domi 2 is a premium mini wand vibrator with features OnlyFans that will leave you shaking uncontrollably. Created using a full metal body for sturdiness and quietness, then encased in soft and hygienic 100% silicone material that’s easy to clean. Unlike other wands, the neck is reinforced and flexible, so you can put pressure on the areas where you most want it. Combined with unique dual rotating head technology, you get powerful vibrations that will leave you screaming in pleasure. Head made with soft and hygienic silicone, reinforced neck lets you apply pressure however and whenever you want. Optional light ring for long distance users. Visual feedback displays on/off status and when your long distance partner connects, metal body is smooth and sturdy for many years of long-lasting pleasure your Smartphone Unlocks a World of Pleasant Possibilities!

  • 3x longer battery life!
  • Design that ensures a more comfortable grip
  • High power level.
  • New generation Bluetooth chip improves the connectivity.


  • USB Options
  • 5-7 continuous use
  • Water Resistant
  • Body Safe Materials
  • 1-Year Warranty

Remote is compatible with:

  • iPhone iOS 9.0 and later
  • Samsung Android 4.3 and later
  • Mac (with Bluetooth LE 4.0 enabled)
  • PC (with Lovense Bluetooth USB Adapter)
  • OnlyFans

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